Jarakan Waterfall indonesia

Jarakan Waterfall is located in Ngancar village, Plaosan District. This Jarakan Waterfall as part of Waterfall tourism object area that developed by Magetan regency government. Jarakan Waterfall is located about 80 meters above Watu Ondo Waterfall. With its waterfall height is about 35 meters. In this waterfall base there is small pool where the tourists can take a bath or clean face.

In the near of Jarakan waterfall, lied pasir mas ( pasir means sand and mas means gold ). Pasir mas is a small pond, this pond will reflected goldie yellow light when it is lightened by the sun.

Brondong Fish Auction

It is a great blessing that Lamongan regency has sea-richness with its 47 km beach, covering 17 coastal villages villages, from Lohgung villagein Brondong district to Weru Lor village in Paciran district. This natural condition provides an alternative choice for the coastal society to work in fishery sector. There are 23,186 fishermen, 435 fish cultivators, 49 hatchery enterpreneurs, one could-storage unit and 7 units of ice factory (supplying fishermen's need).

Songgoriti batu indonesia

Songgoriti is located in Songgokerto village, Batu district, under the hillside of Mount Panderman and has a hot spring pool. There is temple Songgoriti and Ganesha Statue as the empire omission of Singosari and Dutch era. Songgoriti Temple is located in a dale dissociating between mountainsides of Arjuna with mountainside of Kawi. This temple has built with a hot spring, which had believed able to heal various diseases. Seen from its simple architecture style, this temple classified as eldest temple in Central Java and the decoration described Central Java manner.